R.J. Daum Construction Company (RJD), a leading builder of California’s commercial facilities for over 85 years, is proud to be a Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise that delivers superior General Contracting Services and Management, which is derived from our experience in hard-bid, negotiated, and Design/Build projects.

Strong, privately owned, with an experienced management staff, our employee base averages more than 15 years with the company.  Our established reputation has resulted in trade-contractor responsiveness and loyalty that improves trade-coverage and competitiveness on bid day.


RJD is experienced in such projects as Educational Institutions, Healthcare Facilities, Fire & Police Stations, Correctional Institutions, Parking Structures, Telecommunication, Gas & Electric facilities, and other Public Utility facilities.  In addition to our General Contracting services, R. J. Daum Construction Company is a leading provider of Structural and Site Concrete Services for Southern California.

RJD is a proud member of the AGC, with affiliations to the Carpenters, Cement Masons, and Laborers Unions.  This affiliation has allowed us to have a wide base of employees who are trained to handle your construction needs.  We currently carry a “B” General Building Contractors License, and a “C8” Concrete License in California.


RJD has maintained a strong presence in the telecommunications industry by providing a wide range of services to all of Southern California’s telecommunications companies.  This work included the construction of new Central Offices, Administrative Offices, Data Centers, Building Additions, Remote Mountaintop Microwave Stations, Cell Sites, Building Improvements, and Tenant Improvements. 

Being a part of their team requires our employees to work in a manner that upholds our clients’ strong commitment to Network Reliability. We have also serviced other Public Utilities with the same commitment to help them provide services throughout Southern California.  Our company is dedicated to adhere to our clients’ strict policies on Safety, Customer Satisfaction, Codes of Conduct, Work Ethics, use of Diverse Business Enterprises, and other policies that make them the leaders in their industry. 

It is our commitment to be a part of your success!


R. J. Daum Construction Company was established in 1936 by Raymond J. Daum and Wade A. Perong, and was incorporated in 1949 in the state of Nevada.  RJD has been involved in commercial construction since the company’s start. 

Throughout our history, we have developed strong relationships with our clients and sub-contractors.  We are dedicated to the success of our clients as well as the success of our sub-contractors.  It is that dedication that has produced the loyalty to sustain our success for over 85 years.


RJD has worked for various City Governments around Southern California, in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Inyo, San Diego, and Imperial counties.  We seek projects that utilize our strength as a General Contractor; projects such Data Centers, Clean Rooms, heavy structural concrete/CMU projects, steel construction and subterranean work. We also have extensive experience in constructing multi-use buildings, parking structures, and institutions. 

RJD understands the importance of keeping up with the advancement of technology in the construction industry and consistently seeks to improve their bidding system to stay competitive in the industry, and advancements in automated project communications with clients and subs. This is one of the many reasons that RJD has been able to sustain their presence in the construction industry.   

RJD has had the opportunity to collaborate on various construction projects with other General Contractors in the area.  These projects ranged from multiple story parking structures, schools, detention facilities, emergency operations facilities, airports, shopping malls, commercial facilities, and hospitals. 


The Covina Civic Center Parking Structure located in downtown Covina, CA was completed in November 2008 as part of the City’s Redevelopment plan for the City of Covina. The total square footage of the building was 45,700 sq. ft. and provided approximately 125 parking stalls to local residents. The structure consisted of three stories with two of those decks being post-tensioned decks. 
The architectural features of the building included a brick veneer façade, ornamental ironwork throughout the exterior of the building, and an elevator tower constructed of EIFS architectural foam shapes and Stucco. Brick pavers were installed on the sidewalk in order to tie the new parking structure in with the existing landscape of the city. 
The Civic Center Parking Structure was awarded the Electrical Excellence Award from the National Electrical Contractors Association. 


The Student Services Building consisted of a new 3-story, 64,000 sq. ft. building used to house various Administrative Offices. The building is constructed of Structural Steel Frame and metal canopies with an exterior stucco finish. 

The work included site work improvements which consisted of the construction of ramps, stairs, raised planters, pathways, decorative walls, bollard replacements, new drive approaches and parking lot improvement. 


The City of Los Angeles Fire Station No. 21 Project consisted of a new 2-story Fire Station, a new 1-story Apparatus Maintenance Building and renovation of the existing Fire Station. The total square footage of the new 2-story Fire Station is approximately 15,250 sq. ft. The new Fire Station includes Administrative Offices, a new Kitchen and new Living Quarters. The construction of the Apparatus Maintenance Building is approximately 5,250 sq. ft. and will be used to maintain and house extra equipment. Work on the existing Fire Station consisted of tenant improvements of approximately 2,500 sq. ft. 

Architectural features include a combination of split-face banded block and stucco with a standing seam metal roof. Additionally, the Project was designed and constructed according to the U.S. Green Building Council Guidelines and is eligible for LEED Certification. 


The County of Orange Juvenile Hall project consisted of the demolition of three existing buildings and the construction of two housing units, an administrative visitor/intake building, and a new classroom building. The total square footage of the project was 42,466 sq. ft. All buildings received new roof mounted heating and cooling packages and are linked through a sophisticated security system controlled by the main security control center. A 42-stall staff and visitor paring lot (approx. 30,000 sq. ft.) was constructed with remote controlled security gates with 16ft. high fencing around the perimeter of the parking lot. 

The project was performed in a working juvenile detention center requiring extensive security measures to isolate the construction area from the operating facility. 


The project consisted of the conversion of an existing Bio-Medical Facility to an Internet Data Center. Interior demolition, and construction of 70,000 sq. ft. of 32” raised data floor to support computer and network equipment, and 30,000 sq. ft. of administrative space to support internal operations and provide executive offices. New infrastructure included a new 12-megawatt utility service, (6) power service modules, (6) UPS Systems, (6) air cooled chillers, and (6) emergency generators. Also, included (3) 30,000 gallon underground fuel tanks to support the emergency generators. The building includes a sophisticated security system installed throughout the facility. 


The SCROC Technology Center Project consisted of a new, 2-story technology building approximate 22,400 sq. ft. In addition to the new building was the upgrade and installation of a new fire alarm system in existing classrooms. The project also included the renovation of an existing lunch shelter – new heating, lighting, paint, and roof as well as a complete renovation of the kitchen area.

The building exterior consisted of concrete masonry unit and steel decks with light weight concrete, burnished block walls, stucco, and stainless steel clad columns. 


R.J. Daum worked as the structural concrete subcontractor at East Valley High School No. 1A for Turner Construction. This project consisted of nine separate buildings (approx. 105,000 sq. ft. of slab-on-grade.), and cast-in-place stairs. R.J. Daum cast approximately 5800 cyds of structural concrete and 1,000 cyds of lightweight concrete on metal deck.

One of the many challenges on this project pertained to the foundations. Not only were the foundations large, but it also required methane barrier installation over the footings to protect the concrete from contacting the soil. A mud slab was cast on top of the footings. This allowed various trades the ability to work on top of the mud slab without damaging the methane barrier. Even with the challenges posed on this project, R.J. Daum completed the critical path structural concrete work six weeks ahead of schedule.


The Emergency Operations Center Project consisted of three separate projects, Dispatch Center, Parking Structure, and Fire Station No. 4, located on the same site. R.J. Daum served as the structural concrete contractor for S.J. Amoroso. R.J. Daum poured approximately 48,740 sq. ft. of Slab on Grade at the Dispatch Center, in addition to 141,069 sq. ft. of light weight concrete. 

A major feature of the Dispatch Center was its design. A moat retaining wall was built around the perimeter of the building. The building itself was built on top of spring-loaded concrete piers that allowed the building movement in the event of an earthquake. 


College Central Plant Co-Generation Project consisted of installing two 2 Megawatt generators to replace existing smaller equipment, paralleling switchboards, high voltage upgrades, heat recovery tanks, pumping systems and site improvements to the existing central plant facility while maintaining operation of critical central plant equipment necessary for campus operations. Close coordination of all work activities with owner Central Plant operating staff and detailed scheduling was required for a successful project and on time completion.


OUR LOCATIONS: RJD has offices in Orange and San Diego Counties, and has been serving Southern California since our inception.

You can reach out to us by phone at 714-894-4300, by email at mail.rjdaum.com or via form below.